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This page contains some of the Code Tools and Utilities that I have written. I have found them to be useful and perhaps you also will.
If you send me your email address (Contact Me), I'll send you information about any new updates to any of these utilities. Also, you may contact me for free support for any of these utilities.

MS Access Utilities

The Ultimate Relinker

This is my latest version of a Back-End relinker. It requires NO user interaction whatsoever. The Back-End can be anywhere on the user's computer. It may be able to handle a Back-End out on a LAN if the folder is mapped to a logical drive but since I don't have a LAN to test this on, I can't guarantee it will work. I haven't tested it with a simultaneous native Access Back-End and a non-Access Back-End but it could also easily be modified for this situation. With a good bit more work, it could be made to handle more than one Access Back-End but since I think this is a rare situation, I haven't given it this feature. If you need any of these features, contact me and I'll work with you to make the modifications.
Download The Ultimate Relinker or Download the Documentation.