Paul Strauss

Information Management Applications

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Information Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Custom-Made, Low-Cost, Automated Solutions to Your Business Problems
  • Specialized Inventory Tracking and Control
  • Client-Oriented Time Tracking and Invoicing Systems
  • Customer Information Management
  • Personnel and Human Resources Management
  • Parts Catalogs
  • The Solution to Your Problem
Are you spending too much of your time on repetitive but necessary tasks and procedures? Are you spending too much time looking for information on scribbled notes and papers that you never can find the time to classify and file? Are you loosing business and money because you can't keep track of information or find information in a timely manner? You can't find a commercial program that satisfies your needs? You can stop loosing money by investing in a custom-built, automated solution created for you.
Since my preferred clients are small and medium-sized businesses, I structure my business policies and fees to satisfy the needs of those business — I am available to you outside of normal business hours when there aren't as many pressing issues and demands on your time and I keep my fees low so that the systems I create for you fit your budget and yield quicker returns on your investment.
Contact me so we can discuss your needs and the problems you are having and learn how a small investment can satisfy those needs and solve your problems, and save you money.